Environmental Management

Domain Stadium is committed to sustainable event and venue management having taken a holistic sustainable approach to stadium operations and the development of a range of Environmental & Sustainability initiatives and projects.

The Stadium meets the sustainability challenge with cost effective and community focussed solutions that are categorised into three auditable components:

  1. Environment: Recycling and waste management, reduction of carbon footprint, reduction in energy usage and water usage.
  2. Social: Health & safety, community relations, stakeholder engagement, involvement of volunteers and a committed workforce.
  3. Economic: Financial and legal compliance.

Domain Stadium environmental actions include:

  • Establishing an environmental policy.
  • Pollution prevention.
  • Complying with all environmental legislation.
  • Minimising resource consumption and environmental impacts where practical and constantly working towards “environmental best practice”.
  • Forming an environmental management group with representatives from the Stadium, WAFC and Stadium contractors.
  • Setting environmental goals, monitoring and continuously improving performance.
  • Encouraging staff, suppliers and contractors to adopt environmentally sound practices and ensuring that they are aware of Domain Stadium’s Environmental Management System.

Domain Stadium will continue to review and evaluate its Environmental Management Systems to identify opportunities for improvement and conduct audits at six monthly intervals to ensure continued compliance with any changes in legislation.