Health and Safety

The WAFC is committed to ensuring the safety and health of its employees, customers, patrons and contractors. The WAFC is also committed to ensuring that those at or near Domain Stadium are not exposed to health and safety risk.

Appropriate financial resources will be allocated to ensure that the WAFC meets the requirements of relevant OSH Acts, Regulations and Standards.

We strive to maximise safe work systems and methods such as the supervision, training and placement of employees, the provision of safety information and the safe management of potentially hazardous work processes.

The WAFC will implement, continually monitor and update safe work practices that are of a high standard, minimising risk for employees and the local community.

If you are ever concerned, identify a safety issue or emergency you can report it to stadium management in a number of quick and easy ways:

  • SMS Your SOS from you mobile phone to 0408 602 464
  • Reporting directly to a venue staff member wearing a red shirt or jacket
  • Reporting directly to venue security personnel wearing a yellow vest

Remember to report your exact location and the type of emergency or safety issue.

If you would like to discuss any OSH or emergency issue in more detail please contact us here.