Domain Stadium Conditions of Entry

The following Conditions of Entry apply to Domain Stadium for the comfort, safety and enjoyment of all patrons.

  1. Domain Stadium Management reserves the right to refuse entry to any persons.
  2. Domain Stadium is a smoke free venue (including electronic or vapour cigarettes that give off smoke or vapour).
  3. Domain Stadium is a prescribed venue. Alcoholic beverages must not be taken into or out of Domain Stadium.
  4. Management reserves the right to inspect any bag and/or articles of clothing.
  5. The following items are prohibited (these items may be cloaked at Gate 8):
    - alcohol
    - cans/glass/ceramics
    - whistles/horns/drums
    - flags/banners/items exceeding 1 metre in length and thicker than a standard broom handle
    - professional cameras, audio recording equipment or video cameras (camera lens must be less than 200mm)
    - helmets, prams and any large item that cannot be placed under your seat
    - items that in the opinion of management could cause harm or public nuisance.
  6. Management reserves the right to refuse admission or service to any person or persons failing to comply with the following dress requirements:
    - Clothing and footwear is to be worn at all times
    - Any other clothing or accessory bearing patches or insignia of gangs are not to be worn.
  7. No ticket refunds will be paid.
  8. Umbrellas are permitted inside Domain Stadium however cannot be opened within Domain Stadium.
  9. Patrons must not climb on or over any fence, gate or other barrier in any way. Patrons entering the playing arena without prior authorisation will be liable for prosecution.
  10. Patrons involved in anti social behavior, fighting or excessive swearing/abuse will be removed from the venue.

Please note that the above Conditions of Entry may vary between events.

Domain Stadium has a strict patron suspension policy. Click on the flile to download the Domain Stadium Patron Suspension Policy.

Domain Stadium encourages patrons to use the SMS your SOS system to notify management of patrons who may be breaching the conditions of entry. Please SMS your SOS to 0408 602 464 and management will respond as quickly as possible so you can continue to enjoy the event.