Perth Stadium Management Open For Business

A new era in stadium management has commenced in Western Australia with the launch of Perth Stadium Management.

Perth Stadium Management is a strategic alliance between the West Australian Football

Commission (WAFC); the world’s largest stadium hospitality company Delaware North; the world’s leading live entertainment company Live Nation; and the world’s largest ticketing provider Ticketmaster.

Perth Stadium Management is a business division of the WAFC that will be overseen by an Advisory Board comprising senior representatives of its global partners and other independent Board members.

The inaugural members of the Advisory Board are:

  • Murray McHenry, Deputy Chairman, WAFC (Chairman)
  • Gary Brown, Managing Director, Delaware North Australia
  • Maria O’Connor, Managing Director, Ticketmaster Australia
  • Michael Coppel, President and CEO, Live Nation Australasia
  • Ian Taylor, former Deputy Premier (Deputy Chairman)
  • Mario D’Orazio, Managing Director, Channel Seven Perth

Gavin Taylor, current General Manager Domain Stadium, has been appointed as General Manager of Perth Stadium Management.

The four Perth Stadium Management partners will work together to provide management and other services to venues in Western Australia, including Domain Stadium.

In addition to its operations at Domain Stadium, Perth Stadium Management has also commenced providing staffing services to the WACA on game days.

Advisory Board Chairman Murray McHenry said Perth Stadium Management was a strong team of stadium and entertainment experts who would deliver local leadership with global capability in stadium management.

“Our goal is to provide great experiences for fans at sports and entertainment events by delivering world-class stadium management services.” Mr McHenry said.

Mr McHenry said that Perth Stadium Management would seek a range of new business opportunities including whole of venue management, staffing, hospitality provision, content provision and turf management.

“The WAFC’s goal is to diversify its revenue streams in WA to help secure the future of football in our community, while our partners also seek to grow their specialist businesses in a dynamic part of the world.” Mr McHenry said.



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